Specification of the 3 principles which are the fondation of the Linght-Link Art Movement

  1. The profile of the new artist, or the new way of working in artistic creation, should be aimed at Art itself, and not Art in the service of something else. Since 150, even 200 years ago, Art has more and more prostituted itself, in its service of human vanity, in its search for greatness, or simply for money. Until this moment, Art was  highly estimated and sacred, but it has completely changed with the increasing technical development and collective artistic talent. Art became a means, no longer only a purpose: a means to acquire something else, purely terrestrial. This is how it degenerated. To set the record straight, it will be necessary to recognize the elevated and sacred side of Art and to be prepared to make sacrifices to serve it.
  2. Art is first of all founded on the principles of Harmony and Beauty, which are indicators, or representatives, of the existence of a higher reality, of something that transcends mankind. This reality can be called the world of the soul or the Divine World, but in any case it serves as a moral and also spiritual reference point. This reality, or this greatness, cannot be achieved by man’s simple striving or be the result of his own will. Art is a gift, which should serve the evolution of man and of all humanity. 
  3. The new Art can use man’s experiments in the spiritual and scientific fields. All the great cultures were based on the Art-Religion-Science trinity, which cooperated without confusing each other. The mystic sought the beauty of the higher worlds and the scientist sought the means to give it a concrete form. In the modern world, the search for God has become everyone’s business. Still Art remains the concern of all. Science can serve Art through technology, but Art will always express itself through man. It is the human being who makes the key which Art will be happy to use, as long as man places himself in its service with respect and selflessness.