My philosophy

The way I see the world and myself is probably not the way the majority of people do. Yet I am not the only one who has such a view, which is not based on what I have heard or learned, so on theoretical knowledge.

In this view the universe is experienced as a single whole, and this is reflected in my artistic expression: music. We are all part of this universe, that forms the body of the being or intelligence which might be called God. Each religious movement has its own name for this, but it is always a creature, intelligence or unity that lies at the basis of our existence and forms its essence at the same time.

To be able to experience this essence, we shall have to look for this being or intelligence, and it’s that search which has so far formed an important part of my life. Yet I have not experienced this path as a path leading towards a goal that, once achieved, suddenly stops or gives us the kind of perfection with which everything comes to a halt. In my experience it was and is a path of ever increasing awareness, characterized by (gradual) stages or steps, but with no absolute end.

There are many ways to follow this path or to go through these stages, perhaps as many as there are individuals, but an important aspect of such a quest lies in the factor aspiration. Of all visible individuals on this earth we can say that they are alive, and yet they will not all search with the same intensity for something higher, or for the meaning or essence of their existence. Because ultimately everything forms a single whole, each part will logically at some point go on this search, but apparently not all at the same time.

This brought me to the idea of reincarnation, which can also be found in my music. But even if one cannot be open to such an idea, at the very least one can say that life has a deeper meaning, and indicates growth and evolution, in some way or other. In my case it took me on a search for the essence, as I mentioned before, and I am still busy looking for it. On this path I discovered that the inner and outer world are connected, in other words that what we perceive with our physical eyes is the visible image of something different or invisible that lies behind it.

But you cannot view that image or outward form in a superficial way, if you want to detect what is behind it. To be able to discover the meaning, essence or deeper background of our existence, you must keep in mind or develop a question, because there are no answers without questions.

Why are things as they are, in ways both big and small? What is the relationship between certain events in our lives? These questions may be answered on many levels, but if you take the trouble to reflect on them more deeply, and especially to make use of higher sources than the personal intellect and mind, you will discover a very profound wisdom that lies behind every form of existence.

It is about that insight and wisdom that I speak in my music, as the fruit of my personal inner quest. And yet I do not consider that insight or wisdom as something that comes from me personally, or that belongs to me. In that sense, it is a universal wisdom, which I attribute to that creature or intelligence I am looking for. I am indeed part of it, but it still is beyond me. In music, I discovered that this view opens in me the way to a form of inspiration that goes beyond my personal originality or creativity, and that this source is inexhaustible. So in that respect creating is not hard for me: the divine intelligence creates through me, even though I will have to meet certain conditions for this to happen.

Why did I choose music as a way of creative expression and no other artistic forms? In the course of my earthly development in this life I explored various creative paths, from cooking, drawing, writing, dancing to making music and I felt that in some sense this last form brought me closer to the essence of what I experienced as sacred.

For poetry this is even more so, as I experienced. Unfortunately this form of art is usually not suitable for a large audience, and is often limited to small circles of appreciation and recognition. If I wanted to bring something into the world at large, then it was an option to write and compose my own lyrics and music, which I finally did.

I hope my lyrics and music can make a beneficial and positive contribution to this world, a world which is visibly often dismal and horrible, but also keeps striving for healing and wholeness, first of all within its invisible dimensions. If that is part of the deeper meaning of life, then my life has meaning.