Dance (2)

Why would a person want to be a dancer? There can be several reasons for this, but the main reason is self-expression by means of the whole body. Why choose this way and not another one? Because the body is directly linked to the Earth, and through this, to the rhythm or so to speak to the pulsation of physical life. It is through the body that a human being participates in life most directly and fully and he can thus taste this life to the depths of his embodied being. It gives the human being the feeling of existing and a way to give a direct and living expression to this rhythmic pulsation that travels through the body. There is, of course, a difference between free expression of movements, and a dance that consists of precise movements which rely on a structure that one must first learn. In addition, the way the rhythm, the melody and the music accompany the movements, the dance itself also has a meaning.

Since time immemorial, dance has been part of human evolution although this form of art has left few tangible traces visible throughout history. How can we still draw this conclusion? We can if we observe the development of the child and of the adult who, up to the age of 28, retraces, on an individual scale, the journey achieved so far by humanity as a whole, through the different stages of its growth to date. We can see that, as soon as we can walk, we first of all like to move with our whole body, to express ourselves through it, to make dance movements. The child expresses his joy of living “in a body” through movements by means of dance. This can give us almost absolute certainty that the first men were also delighted in the practice of this art; because it is not a child at random: the vast majority of children like to express themselves through movement, through dance.
We cannot say, however, that the art of dance is childish, or simplistic. As already mentioned in the first part of the presentation on dance, this form of art necessitates, to reach the peak of perfection, a profound, very deep and elaborate emotional life: it is the density of the physical body itself that requires it. On the other hand, if we observe the movements, the way the child moves in general, we can also see that, for him, dance is a social affair. Most of the time the child is invited to move or to dance by his entourage, and he likes them to take part in his game. Even if there are individuals or children, who can dance perfectly alone, in the background, most of them prefer to indulge in this art as a group. Here again, the course of the development of history, of man, seems to confirm this fact: to our knowledge, the oldest dances are sacred dances or, more popular, folk dances, performed in groups, often in circles.

The circle is a form, which in principle is linked to the symbol of the sun, in its relationship with the Earth. At the same time, the circle represents the circle of the zodiac which surrounds our planetary system, the sun being part of it with the moon and all the other planets. In this way, the circle also contains or expresses the Earth; the terrestrial world surrounded by the rest of our Universe, with the sun at its center. However, man, as a divine soul or creature, carries within himself a spark which binds him to this Universe or to this Sun. That is why, by dancing in circle, the first men felt elevated by this truth, that reality that transcended them. The fact that they were placed on Earth, in the physical world, in the name of an Intelligence or Spirit, source of their origin, which guides them upwards towards Him or towards a higher consciousness. The first dancers were, in this way, moved by this instinctive and intuitive idea: the fact of expressing the joy of the Creator and His creation through their movements, of which they were part. These men and women would have explained nothing to us about their dancing style or the nature of their accompaniment, which, at the beginning, was purely rhythmic. They would have transmitted to us this link with the Creator in a simple and direct way, through their movements and their dances, along with what is hiding behind this physical world, and they would have shown us their love for the Life that the Creator instilled in them, the joy of being.