The role of music (2)

Historically, the role of music has been to remind man that he is not a purely earthly, physical being, but that his true homeland is above, in the world of soul and spirit. We are indeed souls placed in the physical, material world, for a lifelong learning process. In addition, this learning is precisely the area that music tells us about, that of acquiring moral and interior qualities. Music is based on principles such as measurement, harmony, balance or beauty, all of which are qualities and virtues linked to inner life. Of course, on a day-to-day basis, we do not necessarily, or constantly, apply these criteria to the assessment of our musical preferences; a music speaks to us or does not speak to us, and yet, it is indeed so when analyzed more closely.

The world of music, and this had not escaped the ancient Greeks, is based on forces, which we can call principles that are linked to moral virtues. A virtue is nothing else than a principle, or an idea, transposed on the psychic, emotional level. The principle of depth can give birth on the internal plane to moral qualities such as the ability of being nonjudgmental, understanding and tolerant. Thus, the principle of depth will generate generosity, patience and forgiveness. Their connection with music is that the world of music from above is inhabited by forces or spirits, which convey these principles and their corresponding virtues, and subsequently attempts to concretize them in the visible, terrestrial world, through the human kingdom.

The only difficulty comes from the fact that, on Earth, the vibratory rate is much lower than in the world above. In other words, it is not easy for the higher world of (spiritual) light to pour its inspiration towards the world incarnated here below, by the simple fact that the vibrations do not correspond to one another. However, if it fulfills certain conditions, the concrete, embodied world can become the receptacle of a beautiful form of creation. One of these conditions consists quite simply in deep, soulful aspiration and with an attitude of respect towards this upper world, which is so much higher than ours is. Hence, it is impossible to receive an inspiration from the highest level, a Divine Inspiration, if we do not appreciate the substantial value of such a gift and the world it comes from.

It is, therefore, the first condition to be fulfilled to allow the two worlds to get closer.

The second concerns disinterest, pure and disinterested love.