Initially giving concerts was central in the life of the musician, long before recordings found their way into his world. A concert was (and still is) a live interaction between the musician and his audience, and this exchange involves quite different aspects than listening to recordings, although there are also similarities. During a concert the role of the audience is more passive, receptive, while the role of the artist or musician is more active and giving. Despite that the (inner) attitude of the audience certainly has an influence on the artist and his work or performance. A critical attitude is disastrous for a harmonious atmosphere, just like negative thoughts of another kind, or feelings of competition, envy or antipathy. Whoever wants to support a performer positively in his work, must beware of all these forms of negativity in feelings and thoughts. Better yet, he should try to send him positive, illuminating thoughts in the hope of supporting or even increasing his creative expression. On the part of the artist, it is important that he also has positive thoughts and feelings for his audience, and does not see his public only as a way to draw attention to himself or his art. It is the (spiritual) responsibility of

The artist or musician to take the audience on a tour in his personal, inner, artistic world, and that goes further than what currently appears in the spotlight. The attitude of the artist towards his art, the way he lives, feels and thinks in his deepest being, that’s what is transferred to the audience, whether they accept it or not. That makes artistry, artistic mindedness and art no light matter, but it can also ensure that these same issues can be utilized in a positive way, with far-reaching consequences. An audience that starts to fight and drink when leaving the concert hall was probably overwhelmed by all sorts of disharmonious matters during the evening. An audience, however, of which the majority goes home with a renewed drive, with a bright mind, a clear understanding or positive, harmonized feelings, has probably benefited from more uplifting or elevated forms of art and artistry. It may be useful to go into this more deeply, from both sides.