The 7 colours

Here, I have tried to shape the character inherent in each colour of the prism. The drawings symbolically express the energy behind each colour at the vibratory level.  For these drawings, I used medium-hard Conté pastels, which allowed me to work with great precision.

Red: Of all the colours of the prism, it is the one with the slowest vibratory level and the closest to the physical, concrete world.
Orange: A “revealing” colour, linked to the expansion of consciousness, to inner progress.
Yellow: Colour of joy, but difficult to contain or structure, it “escapes” easily. In its golden yellow shade, this colour still symbolizes wisdom.
Green: Colour of nature, its shades are infinite. It is reharmonizing, soothing, like a walk in a forest.
Blue: This colour appeals to most individuals. It is enveloping and comforting.
Indigo: A ‘difficult’ colour, which is nevertheless the synthesis of all colours. She goes very well with all of them and yet remains lonely. It expresses the strength of the mind, or on the contrary materialism.
Purple: The least ‘physical’ or dense of all colours. It symbolizes immateriality, the spirit that transcends matter.