Theater (3)

If we talk about the future of theater, what can we foresee? The theater of the future will deal firstly with the inner profile of the actors and secondly with the creation of edifying scenarios, which is currently not the case. The inner profile of the actors is all about their way of being, their profound aspirations, their character and their behavior. Often these points remain hidden, unknown or completely falsified. The actor who wants to succeed at any cost thinks about his or her image. He must be appealing to his public, beautiful, attractive or at least be interesting and this applies for both male and female actors. In that regards, the majority of actors have to lie in some way or another by keeping up appearances artificially, by playing a different character than who they really are and by veiling certain aspects or truth of their life, that they know would not please their public. In that sense, the actor carries a collective projection to which he must obey if he wants to be popular. This projection may differ according to the times and the actors, who are in vogue during a given time, but it is very real and every actor knows it, consciously or unconsciously. The difficulty is that it creates, at the very basis, a biased situation; if we already play a role in our private life, how can we play one on a scene or on a stage? That means that the current world pushes the actors to the periphery of their being, they have to play a role, on stage and off. The consequence is that, spiritually, these individuals are often in disequilibrium and they try to redress the situation in ways that most often will aggravate their situation. Fortunately, in the last 10 or 15 years, we see more and more actors of the new generation who refuse to adopt this way of doing and vindicate an authentic approach. It seems to work and we can observe a real improvement in that sense as a growing number of people demands a genuine approach; they no longer believe in such lies. However, the difficulty persists because, in spite of everything, there is a need to please and attract people and that creates at the same time a new approach, which in fact doesn’t change much; the actors are obliged to play the eco-friendly, bio man or woman, politically engaged for a cause or another even if it is not always the case. That means that their image always requires more than what they really are with a few exceptions. Somewhat it seems that a breach has been created inside the problem and efforts are being made to move forward to the best of our abilities. What could be the solution considering everything? Should the public change its opinion and ask for a different kind of people who are more truthful? Should the image change to become closer to the reality? Alternatively, should the actors refuse to play the game? The solution lies within the actors themselves who should primarily try to create a link with their soul. For that is the difficulty and the solution to the problem. In that way they will naturally be true to their souls and at the same time, they will know how to respond correctly to what the collective conscience, their audience, is looking for without betraying their deepest truth. It may take some time, but the path is gradually becoming clearer.

As far as scenarios are concerned, a different approach is also required. Here, the adaptation towards the taste of the public should change into a form of education or enlightenment of the collective conscience. At present, the scenarios used in the field of theatre or cinema are either surrounded by romanticism or illusion, or they are surrounded by a degrading realism which does not help anyone either. Oscillating between an unreality that veils the truth and, a form of reality that feeds the viewer’s curiosity for everything that is deformed and unhealthy doesn’t seem to be an approach that is at the same time more truthful genuine and healthy. The goal is to evolve towards a theater or cinema that can educate the audience, take them further in understanding themselves and life, without having to go down the sinkhole, so to speak. This requires a new look at the human being and the reason for his existence in the world, either for the life of modern man or for the life of man in the past. Earthly life has always served the evolution of the human race throughout time and that is why it must be observed, analyzed. We need this vision to understand or to write new scenarios inspired by the lives of individuals, of history and past events. Why do things happen or why have they happened in this or that way? Why did the destiny of an individual go into this or that direction? Why has the present world become the way it is? More in-depth answers and more elaborate or extensive research are required to answer these kinds of questions. That is what is expected from the actors, writers and directors of the future; more depth. This depth can be acquired through meditation, a serious interest in the spiritual world and the reality of the soul, and is required from everyone working in this field of art. That is the only way we can attain a promising future where the audience is treated as an ensemble of souls that seek to understand, to elevate themselves, rather than being distracted and ending up tapping in the dark in their everyday lives.

The theater, the cinema have a mission to accomplish.